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Barnstead MicroPure water purification system for Type 1 water

The Barnstead MicroPure system was designed for laboratories that require up to 15 L/day of ultrapure water such as HPLC or other instrumental analyses, sample preparation, glassware rinsing, or molecular biology work in which endotoxins and/or nucleases would interfere.

Details- MicroPure with storage tank system

Smart features

  • Backlit display tilts for easy viewing
  • Variable speed dispensing
  • Integrated 6 L feed water reservoir so you can place the system without direct access to a water line (MicroPure ST only)

Monitor feed water quality

  • Good feed water quality leads to consistently ultrapure water and a longer cartridge service life to maximize cartridge life

Smart design

  • Recirculation pump prevents bacterial growth during standstill and allows for constant monitoring of all system functions, allowing for the immediate display of fault messages if a problem is detected
  • Systems ship fully equipped with pressure reducer, ultrapure cartridge, UV and 0.2 μm sterile filter

Superior filters

  • Ultrafilter is flushed automatically to assure the highest retention of endotoxins and nucleases, which produces a long two-year lifetime
  • 0.2 μm final filter with folded membrane can be sterilized up to 5 times

UV Photo-oxidation 185/254 nm

  • High performance UV assembly reliably reduces the content of microorganisms and their metabolites
  • UV oxidation also reduces organic compounds in the water to ultra-low levels

Application areas

Molecular Biology and Microbiology

  • Cell and tissue culture
  • PCR, DNA sequencing
  • Electrophoresis

    Analytical Chemistry

    • HPLC
    • TOC measurements,IC
      Select the water system that best suits your requirementsGenPure xCAD
      capacity for
      optimal value
      ApplicationsUltra-low organic levels, <5 ppb HPLC, TOC, GC/MS, ICP, ICP-MSYes
      Cell culture, monoclonal antibody production, electrophoresisYes
      Nuclease and pyrogen-free  applications such as PCR, 2-D electrophoresis,
      cell culture, blotting
      TechnologyUV monitoring-
      Feed water monitoringYes
      Total Organic Carbon (TOC) monitor-
      FeaturesVolumetric Dispensing-
      GenPure xCAD Plus remote dispenser-
      Under-the-bench mounting-
      RS-232 data printing at
      pre-programmed intervals
      CapacityOptimal amount of water to use daily to sustain reasonable cartridge life15 L/day
      Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
      Thermo Scientific Barnstead MicroPure-ST Systems include an integrated 6L feed water reservoir ultrapure polisher cartridge sterile 0.2 uM filter pressure regulator ultrafilter and UV lamp 120-240V 50/60Hz.Login to see pricing