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  • Perfectly matched: System4Lab – everything from a single source

With System4Lab Miele Professional offers a comprehensive system for the effective and economical reprocessing of laboratory glassware. Based on many years of experience and in close consultation with experts in the field, System4Lab covers all the major aspects of reprocessing: Powerful appliances, perfectly integrated chemical agents, customer service and comprehensive advisory service. The result is an analytically pure, particularly seamless, gentle and economic reprocessing process. And administration time is optimized too, since in all aspects, from appliance technology to planning and financing, Miele is always at your side as a competent contact point.

  • Designed for perfect results - The ultimate in innovation

For more than 50 years Miele Professional has been developing high-quality systems for the cleaning and disinfection of medical and dental instruments, laboratory glassware, and for industrial parts cleaning. During this time, we have become one of the world's market leaders not merely because of our high quality requirements. Our excellent reputation is also based on our outstanding innovative strength. The engineers at Miele Professional will continue to invest a lot of time and energy in improvements and new developments that will drive forward the whole reprocessing field in the future in the dental, medical, laboratory, and industrial areas – all to the benefit of the user.

  • Perfectly integrated chemical agents - Flawless results

As well as the appliance technology and the reprocessing program, the chemical agents are a critical factor in the cleaning and disinfecting process. Their task is challenging. Soiling must be effectively removed and germs deactivated, whilst the items to be reprocessed - e.g. top-quality laboratory glassware - should be treated as gently as possible. Miele Professional provides specific powerful cleaning, neutralization and rinsing agents for users in laboratories. All the chemicals are perfectly coordinated with the different materials and to Miele Professional's laboratory glassware washers. For this reason Miele Professional is recommended for reprocessing by the leading instrument and glassware manufacturers.

  • Maximum versatility - Ingeniously adaptable: The new load carrier

The unparalleled range of accessories from Miele Professional comprises transfer carts, baskets, modules, and inserts for almost every instrument and piece of laboratory glassware. With the introduction of the PG 85 range, the load carrier system was completely updated and rebuilt on a brand new foundation. As well as the particularly effective water and drying air flows, the new carriers are characterized by their new modular design. In this way they offer the user not only an increased load capacity, but also a plus where flexibility is concerned. This allows you, for example, to use numerous loading variations in the laboratory area with only a few load carriers. Thanks to the modular system design, future upgrades can be added particularly easily and cost effectively.

Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
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PG 8504 Labwasher (pressurized w/o DI Pump, powder detergent disp., neutralizer reservoir, w/o baskets or inserts, 70C EA...Login to see pricing
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PLW 8505 Laboratory glassware washer (undercounter or free-standing with DI water, 2 integrated dispenser pumps, SST, AC 115V 60Hz)Login to see pricing
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PG 8528 Lab Washer (Stainless… Baskets not incl., max 93C wash/rinse temp, double door pass through, electric/steam)Login to see pricing
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PG 8536 Labwasher (pressurized w/o DI pump, 90cm, built-in pump, w/o baskets or inserts, HEPA drying, 93C wash/rinse EA...Login to see pricing
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PG 8583 Labwasher (pressurized w/o DI pump, 2 built-in pumps, w/o baskets or inserts, max 93C wash/rinse temp, 3AC 208V, EA...Login to see pricing
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PG 8583CD Labwasher (pressurized w/o DI pump, 90cm wide, 2 pumps, w/o baskets or inserts, forced air HEPA drying, max EA...Login to see pricing
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PG 8583 Labwasher (oil sealed model, 2 built-in pumps, w/o baskets or inserts, max 93C wash/rinse temp, 3AC 208V, EA...Login to see pricing
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PG 8593 Labwasher (pressurized w/o DI pump, 2 built-in pumps, w/o baskets or inserts, forced air HEPA drying, max 93C EA...Login to see pricing
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PG 8527/28- Drain pumpLogin to see pricing
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DP Drain pumpLogin to see pricing
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PG 8527/28- Conductivity meter (measures conductivity in final rinse)Login to see pricing
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PG 8527/28- Additional DOS pump (must indicate what materials pump will be used for… Neutraliser, chemical, etc.)Login to see pricing
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PG 8527/28- Multiport printerLogin to see pricing
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PG 8527/28- TA/E HEPA drying unit for PG8527 or PG8528 (Electric)Login to see pricing
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RP 1150 Plinth, roller 1150mmLogin to see pricing
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PG 8527- SBWR rolling baseLogin to see pricing
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PG 8504 A205 Basic Lab Start-Up ESBE (A 101, A 150, A 301/2, A 300/1, 2x AK 12, A 802)Login to see pricing
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PG 8583 A206 set (which include the A 100, A 150, 2x A 301/2 and 2x A 302)Login to see pricing