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Helmer Platelet Agitators

Precisely executed. Sharply designed.

Helmer has provided high-quality laboratory equipment and refrigerated products for over 30 years. Our experience and attention to detail allow us to provide a product that offers superior uniformity, outstanding reliability, and exceptional benefits that bring value every day. In addition, our commitment to service and support ensures satisfaction throughout the life of your product. Whether storing blood products, reagents, vaccines, or medication, a Helmer product offers TrueBlue™ protection.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

  • Superior chamber temperature uniformity with forced-air refrigeration system and precision pulse heating
  • Operating temperature range from +20°C to +35°C
  • Bacteria-resistant powder coated interior and exterior for added security
  • Exclusive Auto-Stop/Start ensures continuous agitation of platelets

Secure Monitoring for a Safe Storage Environment

  • Digital temperature display (i.Center® Monitoring System included on i.Series® incubators)
  • AgiTrak™ System monitors agitator performance (i.Series®)
  • Password protected configuration (i.Series®)
  • Key lock

Designed for Convenience & Performance

  • Countertop and floor models from 15 to 396 random bags (5 to 132 apheresis bags)
  • All controls located in one convenient location

i.Series® and Horizon Series™ Lines

Platelets merit the most advanced alarm/monitoring available because of their limited supply and short shelf life. The name Helmer has long been synonymous with dependable platelet storage. We have combined our experience and innovation to bring you the most advanced Platelet Storage Systems available today.

Helmer offers two distinct platelet storage systems. The i.Series® line offers many unique features. The i.Center® Monitoring System anchors this top-of-the-line series. Password protection, automatic high/low alarm testing, event log of alarm conditions, LCD viewscreen, and a 5 year compressor warranty provide advanced monitoring for the storage of this valuable blood component.

The Horizon Series™ offers temperature control with alarms. It features LED digital temperature display, programmable high and low temperature alarms, manual alarm checks, and a programmable operating range.

Helmer Platelet Agitators offer a wide range of storage capacities and can be placed in Helmer Incubators. The PF396i floor model is a stand alone unit. One-piece perforated drawers with non-slip texture coating provide uniform air circulation. i.Series® agitators feature a built-in motion alarm. Storage capacity is from 15 to 396 random bags (5 to 132 apheresis bags).

  • Delrin® acetal resin rollers and glides for smooth agitation
  • Internal fan
  • One-piece removable perforated drawers with non-slip texture coating (PF48, PF96, and PF396 models)
  • Perforated shelves (PF15 models)
  • Label holders (except PF15 models)
IncubatorAgitator Compatibility
PC1001 - PF15
PC9001 - PF48
PC12001 - PF96
PC22002 - PF96
PC32003 - PF96
PC4200Built-in PF396i agitator
Agitator Capacities
PF1515 Random Bags / 5-10 Apheresis Bags
PF4848 Random Bags / 16 Apheresis Bags
PF9696 Random Bags / 32 Apheresis Bags
PF396396 Random Bags / 132 Apheresis Bags

Please note: Horizon Series™ agitators are not equipped with a motion alarm and cannot be monitored by the i.Series® AgiTrak™ system. Horizon Series™ agitators are not recommended for use in an i.Series® incubator.

Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
PF96h Horizon Series Platelet Agitator (115V 60Hz)//Agitateur pour plaquettes (115V 60Hz) série Horizon modèle PF96hLogin to see pricing
PF96i i.Series Platelet Agitator (115V 60Hz)// Agitateur de plaquettes (115V 60Hz) série i. modèle PF96iLogin to see pricing
PF396i i.Series Platelet Agitator (115V 60Hz)//Agitateur de plaquettes (115V 60Hz) série i. modèle PF396iLogin to see pricing
PF15-Pro i.Series- Platelet Agitator - Countertop (capacity for 15 random/WBD or 7 apheresis/SDP bags) //
Agitateur de plaquettes PF15-Pro ??i.Series- - de comptoir (capacité pour 15 sacs aléatoires / WBD ou 7 sacs d'aphérèse / SDP)
Login to see pricing
PF48-Pro i.Series- Platelet Agitator - Countertop (capacity for 48 random/WBD or 16 apheresis/SDP bags)Login to see pricing
PF96-Pro i.Series- Platelet Agitator - Countertop (capacity for 96 random/WBD or 32 apheresis/SDP bags)Login to see pricing