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BakerBioChemGARD® e3 Class II Type B2 Biosafety Cabinet

The most energy efficient, comfortable and safe B2 cabinet in the industry

The BioChemGARD® e3 is a breakthrough in total-exhaust biological safety cabinets. Engineered specifically for laboratories that need containment and removal of vapors, mists and particulates, the BioChemGARD e3 has a revolutionary airflow system that increases users’ comfort and productivity while decreasing the overall operating costs.

Unique Airflow Design- Operates with a reduced exhaust airflow and resistance, which minimizes noise and reduces the volume of conditioned air that is exhausted from the laboratory. Learn more in our energy-efficient white paper.

Less Maintenance, Less Often – Motor/blower design provides up to a 420% reserve for a very long filter life. Plus the exclusive ExchangeSAFE™ Sealed Access Filter Exchange System - located directly under the work surface - improves access, making the process quick while reducing exposure to contaminants.

Self-Adjusting Airflow – The StediFLOW™ VFD motor controller maintains precise airflow by self-adjusting for filter loading. Also controls the ReadySAFE™ low-flow operating mode that preserves containment conditions when the BSC is not in use and substantially reduces energy consumption.

Optional Fume Hood Package – Meets the UL requirements for Electrical/Mechanical Safety (UL 61010-1) and the UL requirements for Material Flammability and Effectiveness of Airflow Characteristics (UL 1805). The cabinet has been tested in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995. Usage should be determined by a professional industrial

Size4 ft6 ft
Sash height8 in.8 in.
Opening (max)20 in.20 in.
Heat generation (note: 100% exhausted)
Normal operating mode
ReadySAFE™ mode

392 BTU/hr
118 BTU/hr

549 BTU/hr
118 BTU/hr
Operating amperage
Normal operating mode
ReadySAFE™ mode

1.0 Amps
0.3 Amps

1.4 Amps
0.3 Amps
Power consumption
Normal operating mode
ReadySAFE™ mode

115 Watts
35 Watts

161 Watts
35 Watts
Noise, exhaust & cabinet, NSF International59 dBA60dBA
Noise, cabinet< 50 dBA< 50 dBA
ModelExterior Dimensions (w x d x h [min to max])Weight
BCG40153⅞" x 33⅝" x [86" to 94½"]720 lbs
BCG60177⅞" x 33⅝" x [86" to 94½"]850 lbs

Electrical (requires 20 Amp outlet): 115V AC, 20 A, 60 Hz

Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
BioChemGARD e3 , 4’ Class II type B2 biological safety cabinet // Hotte biologique BioChemGARD e3, 4' Classe II Type B2Login to see pricing
BioChemGARD e3 , 6’ Class II type B2 biological safety cabinet // Hotte biologique BioChemGARD e3, 6' Classe II Type B2Login to see pricing