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Panasonic Healthcare Ultra-Low Chest Freezer

The MDFC8V1’s ideal -86°C freezing environment using VIP® PLUS insulation technology maximizes storage capacity. The uniquely designed single-compressor system achieves higher energy efficiency and space saving construction.

Microprocessor Controls
Comprehensive set-point, alarm, monitoring, and diagnostic functions based on Panasonic-built microprocessor controller with digital display of all input/output functions.

Panasonic-Designed Refrigeration and Compressors
Designed by Panasonic specifically for rugged ultra-low temperature applications in a laboratory environment. CFC-free refrigerants only.
High-performance refrigeration system with foam-in-place cabinet insulation maximizes interior temperature uniformity and protects against fluctuating ambient temperatures.

High Density Blown-In Foam Insulation and Heated Gasket Seal
In ultra-low temperature freezers, effective insulation is critical. The insulation used in Panasonic ultra-low freezers is two layers of rigid, foamed-in-place polyurethane, placed together to form a double-insulation wall.
This design prevents the insulation layers from distortion and cracking that might occur due to temperature differences inside and out.
Frost and icing on the top edges and gaskets are prevented by utilization of a heated mullion, which recycles heat from the refrigeration system without affecting chamber uniformity.

Built-In Temperature & Power Failure Alarms (Lamp/Buzzer)
In case of power failure or an irregular rise in temperature, a high capacity, rechargeable battery-operated indicator lamp and alarm will be activated.
Optional CO2 and LN2 back-up systems are available and are self-activated when a power outage occurs. This equipment helps ensure that the contents will be protected in the event of any power failure or mechanical trouble.

  • Rechargeable Battery
  • CFC Free
  • Automatic Alarm System
  • CPU and Touch Pad
  • LCD Digital Display
  • Energy Saving
  • Insulated Inner Doors
  • Power Failure Alarm
  • Quiet and Reliable Compressor
  • Air Filter
  • Cascade Cooling System
  • Remote Alarm
  • VIP Plus Vacuum Insulation Panel
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS21.7" x 26.2" x 37.2" (550 x 685 x 945 mm)
INTERNAL DIMENSIONS15.9" x 19.3" x 16.7" (405 x 490 x 425 mm)
INSULATIONRigid polyurethane foamed-in place and vacuum insulation panel (VIP® PLUS)
ACCESS PORTDiameter: 17 mm (0.6 in), back side, bottom
NET WEIGHT67 kg (148 lbs)
COMPRESSORHermetic rotary type, Output: 400 W
EVAPORATORTube on sheet type (also used as an inner cabinet)
REFRIGERANTHFC mixed refrigerant
TEMPERATURE CONTROL RANGE-60°C to -86°C (ambient temperature; 30°C, no load)
ALARMSHigh/low temp, Power failure, Filter check, Battery check. Optional LabAlert
TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEMMicroprocessor Control System
AREA FOOTPRINT3.95 sq.ft. (0.37 m2)
DATA MANAGEMENTOptional with LabAlert System
SOUND LEVEL47 dB [A] (background noise; 20 dB)
Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
CHEST VIP+ FREEZER, -80C, 84L (3.0 CU.FT.) // CONGeLATEUR HORIZONTAL + VIP -80C, 84L (3.0 PI.CU.) UNITeLogin to see pricing
Chest Vip+ Freezer, -80C, 84L (3.0 Cu.Ft.) with circular, 7-day, temperature chart recorder // Congelateur-coffre Vip+, -80C, 84 L (3, 0 pi3) avec enregistreur de temperature sur 7 jours, circulaireLogin to see pricing