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Clorox® Commercial Urine Remover

Even the Toughest Urine Stains and Odours Don’t Stand a Chance

Don’t Let Urine Stains and Odours Tarnish Your Reputation

Tough-to-clean urine stains and odours can make an otherwise clean facility seem unappealing and dirty, despite the hard work of your cleaning sta. Without the right product, your staff may need to spend extra time cleaning urine or, worse, allow urine odours and stains to remain.

Exceptional Performance on Both Stains and Odours

Clorox® Urine Remover breaks down urine to quickly eliminate – not mask – odours. With the oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide and the stain-lifting power of surfactants, stains are also removed quickly.

Specially Formulated for Hard-to-Clean Porous and Soft Surfaces

This versatile formula removes urine from porous surfaces like grout that tend to trap urine odours. It also handles stains and odours on absorbent soft surfaces, like carpet and mattresses, and is an excellent pretreatment for laundry and bedding.

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Clorox Commercial Urine Remover 3.78L 4/CS // Détachant désodorisant contre l'urine de Clorox 3.78L 4/CSELogin to see pricing