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Pall Sterile Acrodisc WBC Syringe Filter

-Proven, efficient White Blood Cell (WBC) isolation performance with Acrodisc (WBC) syringe filter.

-Efficient filter requires low sample volumes and has low hold up-

-WBC depletion of over 90%, including dual female luer-locks for easy collection and removal of WBC connected to a lab syringe

-Clear inlet and white outlet for easy visual ID

-Available sterile with a 3 year shelf life to reduce contamination

-Pall Laboratory?s Acrodisc WBC syringe filter uses proprietary filter technology to separate leukocytes from whole blood in less than 10 minutes for 10 ml. The Acrodisc WBC filter contains Pall?s patented Leukosorb media. Leukosorb is a fibrous matrix that uses a multimodal approach of size exclusion and adsorption to capture and recover leukocytes from whole blood samples while allowing red blood cells (RBCs) and platelets to flow through the membrane.

-With the Acrodisc WBC syringe filter, the uniquely designed filter does all the difficult capture work, resulting in more efficient white blood cell separation as compared to buffy coat density gradient and larger size filter methods. This includes 100% removal of viable WBC, 99% recovery of RBC in the filtrate for leukocyte depletion applications and ~70% WBC recovery from backflush step for leukocyte recovery applications. The sterile Acrodisc WBC syringe filter yields greater cell capture and recovery with less sample compared to larger filter formats and also exudes very low hold up volume as compared to larger white blood cell isolation filters (hold up volume < 2 mL, with total sample volume = 12 mL).

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Pall Sterile Acrodisc WBC Syringe Filter with Leukosorb Membrane (10/pkg)Login to see pricing
Pall Sterile Acrodisc WBC Syringe Filter with Leukosorb Membrane (50/pkg)Login to see pricing