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StatLab ParaPro Paraffin

STL-PPLMP: ParaPro™ LMP ParaPro™ Low Melting Point. For infiltration and embedding.

STL-PPRTI: ParaPro™ RTI ParaPro™ Rapid Tissue Infiltration. For infiltration and embedding.

STL-PPSEM: ParaPro™ SEM ParaPro™ Standard Embedding Media. For infiltration and embedding.

STL-PPXLT: ParaPro™ XLT A superior mixture of waxes and copolymer alloys, ParaPro™ XLT is our signature paraffin in the ParaPro™ line.

STL-PPLMP: Consists of a specialized blend of low-molecular-weight paraffin and polymers to reduce melting point. This lower melting point protects tissues from excessive temperature during processing. Melting point 50-54ºC.

STL-PPRTI: Similar to ParaPro™ SEM with the addition of DMSO to improve infiltration rate. Especially effective for difficult-to-process tissue. Melting point 56ºC.

STL-PPSEM: This ParaPro™ formulation consists of a low polymer count, which improves infiltration and embedding and leads to more efficient deparaffinization. Minimizes wrinkles. Melting point 56ºC.

STL-PPXLT: For infiltration and embedding. ParaPro™ XLT produces ultra-thin compression-free ribbons and can be used to cut 2-micron sections without icing. Provides excellent support for all types of tissue samples while maintaining exceptional clarity. Melting Point 55ºC.

Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
ParaPro LMP, 1/EA // ParaPro LMP, 1/CHLogin to see pricing
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ParaPro LMP, 1/EA // ParaPro LMP, 1/CHLogin to see pricing
ParaPro SEM Paraffin 0.8kg Bags 10/CA // Parraffine pour histologie ParaPro SEM sac de 0.8kg 10/CALogin to see pricing
ParaPro XLT Paraffin 8x1kg/CS // Paraffine ParaPro XLT, 8 x 1 kg/caisseLogin to see pricing