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Bio-Screen® Bio-hazard Rolls

Bio-Screen® products protect against soak through of blood-borne pathogens, body fluids and chemicals, and limit cross-contamination from gloves to phones, pens, keyboards etc.

Orange Barrier Side: Blocks soak through of blood, body fluids and chemicals to gloves and counters. Inhibits subsequent transmission of microbes to phones, pens, keyboards. Bright orange bio-hazard warning color, non-slip. Rated by an independent testing laboratory as an effective microbial barrier. Impermeable to strong solvents including xylene and xylene substitutes, acetone, ketones, alcohols, formalin.

White Absorbent Side: Low-linting and much more absorbent than gauze or paper wipes. High wet strength for quick pick up. Available in 3 thicknesses:

  • Standard absorbs 9x its weight
  • Heavy (ET) absorbs 12x its weight
  • Sponge Plus (Super) absorbs 25x its weight

Note: Bio-Screen® wipes/liners are non-sterile and are NOT for use on patients.

Use for multiple purposes:

  • Wiping and cleaning pipettes, probes, slide prep devices, equipment
  • Cleaning up small / large spills
  • Preventing splashing when popping caps on blood and specimen tubes
  • Containing leaks and protecting bench tops, when lining counters and trays
  • Impermeable to many strong solvents including xylene, ketones, alcohols, formalin
  • Serve as an adjunct to gloves in protecting employees and limiting cross-contamination
Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
Bio-Screen® Bio-Hazard Heavy (ET) Absorbent 16" x 100' Rolls 2/CS // Doublures Bio-Screen® absorption élevée (ET) 16" x 100' roules 2/CSELogin to see pricing
Bio-Screen Bio-Hazard Standard Absorbent 16 x 100' Rolls 2/CS // Doublures Bio-Screen absorption normale 16 x 100' roules 2/CSELogin to see pricing
Bio-Screen® Bio-Hazard Sponge Plus® Super Absorbent 16" x 100' Rolls 2/CS // Doublures Bio-Screen® Super absorbant Sponge Plus® 16" x 100' roules 2/CSELogin to see pricing