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Panasonic Incubators for the Microbiology Lab

All Panasonic CO2 incubators feature patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket temperature control for accurate, uniform temperature control and inCu-saFe® for continuous contamination control. Panasonic laboratory CO2 incubators feature selected SafeCell UV with exclusive, patented Active Background Contamination Control.

  • InCu-saFe® Interior: Superior contamination control with an anti-bacterial copper alloy stainless steel interior provides germicidal protection and helps eliminate molds, spores and other contaminating spills, kills mycoplasma and provides a non-corrosive environment.
  • Sterisonic GxP Series with H2O2 Decontamination: The unique Sterisonic GxP H2O2 decontamination system limits downtime to less than three hours when total chamber decontamination with verification is desired.
  • P.I.D. Control Sophistication: Proportional, integral and derivative infrared CO2 control accelerates recovery and prevents overshoot.
  • SafeCell UV Contamination Control: Narrow bandwidth ultraviolet decontamination in situ to help reduce air and water pan contamination without downtime. Panasonic SafeCell UV system continues to protect against contamination during normal operation by combining the passive resistance of copper-enriched stainless steel with UV decontamination of circulated, humidified air.
  • CO2 Control Options: Available with high precision, quick recovery infrared or thermal conductivity CO2 sensor.
  • Direct Heat and Air Jacket Control: Patented, radiant-wall heating microprocessor controlled in three zones to maintain uniformity and optimum humidity.
ModelVolumeChamberCO2 Control
MCO18AC6.0 cu.ft. (170 L)SingleThermal Conductivity
MCO80IC30.1 cu.ft. (851 L)SingleInfrared with P.I.D./R Recovery
ModelExterior Dimensions (W x F-B x H)Weight
MCO18AC24.4" x 27.0" x 35.4" (620 x 686 x 900 mm)205 lbs (93 kg)
MCO80IC33.8" x 33.6" x 80.3" (986 x 853 x 2040 mm)605 lbs (275 kg)

Electrical Requirements:
MCO18AC: 115V, NEMA 5 -15
MCO80IC:115V, NEMA 5 -20

Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
CytoGrow ReachIn 30.1 cu.ft. CO2 Incubator with IR Sensor and InCu-saFe // Incubateur à CO2 de plancher 30.1 avec IR Sensor et InCu-saFeLogin to see pricing