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Panasonioc TwinGuard Series -86°C
Ultra-Low Dual Cool Temperature Freezers

Twice the protection. Double your peace of mind.

The TwinGuard series upright and chest -86°C/-80°C ultra-low temperature freezers from Panasonic Healthcare has the industry's most time-tested redundant cooling systems designed to protect the viability of your biological samples. Ideal for critical preservation applications, TwinGuard's patented cooling engines deliver reliable performance working together, both independently and concurrently, to provide continuity in stored product protection over a range of real world conditions.

The advanced combination of redundant cooling systems, intuitive electronic controls, on-board monitors and frost-mitigating, ergonomic cabinet design represents more than 50 years in refrigerated sample protection for the life science industry.

TwinGuard Dual Cool Lab Freezer Performance
Superior and reliable preservation of your biological samples cannot be compromised for any reason. The primary purpose of a -86°C/-80° ultra-low temperature freezer is to protect a stored biological by achieving and maintaining uniform temperature to assure cell viability, regardless of where samples are stored inside. Panasonic Healthcare TwinGuard Series -86°C/-80°C ultra-low temperature freezers undergo thorough temperature uniformity testing allowing us to provide our customers with temperature uniformity data that upholds our excellent performance.
Temperature Uniformity Data

Data featured is for the TwinGuard Series Upright Freezer model MDF-DU702VXC-PA.
TwinGuard Series -86°C/-80°C chest and upright freezers demonstrate temperature stability in the steady state, quick pull-down on initial startup, fast recovery following a routine door opening, and slow warm-up during a power outage.
TwinGuard Ultra-low Temperature Freezer Reliability
While performance is the first test of our product, long-term reliability is essential for protection of your research, peace of mind and return on your investment. The patented TwinGuard dual cool lab freezer system enhances the Panasonic Healthcare reputation for reliability in refrigeration safety and predictive maintenance which is second to none in the world.
TwinGuard's dual cooling system offers the highest level of sample protection through the use of two independent refrigeration systems that maintain -86°C temperature. The two circuits work together for fast temperature recovery, while the secondary system keeps the temperature at -70°C if a service event occurs. With two independent systems each sustaining ultra-low temperatures, your samples remain safe. Optional CO2 backup provides an extra layer of protection.
Integrated Access and Frost Mitigation Design
Opening the door of any ultra-low temperature freezer is not an insignificant event. Because extreme inside/outside temperature differentials often exceed 116°C (212°F), careful planning is encouraged before accessing the interior. To minimize duration of the door or lid opening, users should know the location of stored product inside the freezer before accessing. Such best practices lead to better chamber uniformity, faster recovery of setpoint temperature and longer freezer life.
The new EZlatch is the centerpiece of a holistic inventory access and frost mitigation system. The simplified one-handed, comfortable operation keeps TwinGuard upright freezers operating at maximum energy efficiency.
TwinGuard Upright Controller Platform
TwinGuard Series freezers are managed by a microprocessor-based digital controller designed for setpoint security, temperature display, system status, alarm functions and predictive performance advisories.
Data is continuously collected throughout the system to predict any deviations from expected performance, which would in turn initiate alarms with audible and visual alerts. All performance attributes are displayed and an internal time/temperature log is expressed in graphic form.
An eye level, door mounted color LCD touchscreen allows full user control while the USB port makes transferring logged data to a PC convenient.

New design features color touchscreen LCD interface.
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS40.6" W x 34.7" D x 78.5" H
1030 x 882 x 1993 mm
31.1" W x 34.7" D x 78.5" H
790 x 882 x 1993 mm
26.4" W x 34.7" D x 72.4" H
670 x 882 x 1840 mm
INTERNAL DIMENSIONS34.3" W x 23.6" D x 55.1" H
870 x 600 x 1400 mm
24.8" W x 23.6" D x 55.1" H
630 x 600 x 1400 mm
19.3" W x 23.6" D x 48.4" H
490 x 600 x 1230 mm
EFFECTIVE CAPACITY25.7 cu.ft. (729 L)18.6 cu.ft. (528 L)12.7 cu.ft. (360 L)
INTERNAL DOORS2 insulated; ABS, with stainless steel frames and positive latches
INSULATIONFoamed-in-place and VIP Plus vacuum insulated panels: 3.1 in (80 mm)
SHELVESStainless steel, 3 shelves (adjustable); Inner dimensions:33.6" W x 21.0" D (855 x 534 mm); Load: 110 lbs (50 kg) per shelfStainless steel, 3 shelves (adjustable); Inner dimensions: 24.2" W x 21.0" D (848 x 533 mm); Load: 110 lbs (50 kg) per shelfStainless steel, 3 shelves (adjustable); Inner dimensions: 18.7" W x 20.9" D (475 x 531 mm); Load: 110 lbs (50 kg) per shelf
ACCESS PORT3; upper back wall (back-up system), bottom left (recorder sensor), bottom right (access); Inner diameter: 0.6 in (17 mm)
NET WEIGHT745 lbs (338 kg)648 lbs (294 kg)496 lbs (225 kg)
COMPRESSOR(2) 1100 W(2) 1100 W(2) 450 W
EVAPORATORTube on sheet type
-50°C to -86°C in 1° increments (center of chamber, ambient temperature 30°C, no load)
ALARMSHigh temperature, low temperature, power failure, door ajar, remote alarm, battery life, fan motor life, fan lock, cooling circuit abnormality
COOLING PERFORMANCENormal operation: -86°C center of chamber (ambient temp. 30°C, no load); Secondary operation: -70°C center of chamber (ambient temp. 30°C, no load)
Microprocessor, touchscreen data entry, password protected
AREA FOOTPRINT9.78 ft2 (0.91 m2)7.49 ft2 (0.70 m2)6.36 ft2 (0.6 m2)
DATA MANAGEMENTOptional with LabAlert Monitoring System
SOUND LEVEL52 dB(A) (background noise 20 dB(A))
STORAGE (racks) FOR 2"/51mm
STORAGE (boxes) FOR 3"/76mm
STORAGE (racks) FOR 3"/76mm
VACUUM RELEASE PORT2; in door (automatic and manual release), side wall, lower left
Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
Twin Guard Series Ultra-Low -86 Freezer with DualCool Technology 12.7 cu.ft (360L) 220V // Congélateur -86 de la série Twin Guard double système de réfrigération 12.7 (360L) 220VLogin to see pricing
Twin Guard Series Ultra-Low -86 Freezer with DualCool Technology 18.6cu.ft 220V // Congélateur -86 de la série Twin Guard double système de réfrigération 18.6 220VLogin to see pricing
Twin Guard Series Ultra-Low -86 Freezer with DualCool Technology 25.7cu.ft 220V // Congélateur -86 de la série Twin Guard double système de réfrigération 25.7 220VLogin to see pricing