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PHCbi PRO Series Ultra-Low Upright Freezers

Reliable Technology
The PRO Series is time-tested technology that has provided safe long-term storage of high-valued samples. Scientists rely on PHCbi’s proven engineering and design to protect their research.

Uniform Temperatures
Superior insulation and sealing inner doors allow the PRO Series to maintain uniform temperatures throughout the freezer, protecting your samples’ integrity.

Intuitive Usage
The PRO Series has simple and easy controls to configure temperature, alarms, monitoring, and diagnostic functions allowing your lab to get set-up quickly and efficiently.

Ultra-Low Temperature Specific Compressor

The PRO Series’ refrigeration compressor is specifically designed for ultra-low applications, allowing it to handle more strenuous day-to-day temperature maintenance and recovery. It also extends the freezer’s lifetime, making it one of the most reliable freezers on the market.

Foamed-In-Place Insulation and Sealing Inner Doors

Superior cabinet insulation maximizes interior temperature uniformity and protects against fluctuating ambient temperatures. With insulated sealing inner doors that latch, the PRO Series maintains the interior temperature even if the outer door remains open.

Optimized Digital Touch-Pad

The centrally located touch panel on the PRO Series outer door allows for easy eye-level configuration of key settings, such as temperature, alarms, and diagnostics.

Affordable and Reliable Sample Storage with Quality Construction

  1. PRO series uses high density, foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation. This design provides superior insulation that maintains set temperature even in high ambient conditions.
  2. Ergonomic outer door latch comes with padlock capabilities for better sampe security.
  3. Microprocessor-based controller for better for precise parameter management.
  4. Remote alarm is compatible with independent monitoring system.
  5. Insulated inner door gaskets form a tight seal to maintain temperature following routine openings. Two inner doors come standard in one unit.
  6. Easy front access to air condenser filter for routine cleaning.
  7. Purpose-built, Panasonic-designed ultra-low refrigeration compressors offer maximum reliability.
  8. Multiple access ports permit independent probes, instrumentation, or liquid CO2 / LN2 back-up system injection.
  9. Vacuum release port is standard on each unit.
  10. In the event of power failure, compressor is programmable for a delayed start reducing strain on electrical circuits.
TEMPERATURE-50°C to -86°C (ambient temp. 30°C, no load)
TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERMicrocomputer control system
24.8" x 23.6" x 50.4"
(630 x 600 x 1280 mm)
34.3" x 23.6" x 50.4"
(870 x 600 x 1280 mm)
35.0" x 34.3" x 78.3"
(890 x 870 x 1990 mm)
44.5" x 34.4" x 78.3"
(1130 x 870 x 1990 mm)
AREA FOOTPRINT (NOMINAL) 8.37 sq.ft. (0.78 m2)10.63 sq.ft. (0.99 m2)
VOLUME17.1 cu.ft. (483 liters)23.5 cu.ft. (668 liters)
BOX STORAGE2"/ 51 mm boxes: 320
3"/76 mm boxes: 192
2"/ 51 mm boxes: 480
3"/76 mm boxes: 384
16 - Each rack stores 20 boxes
(5 boxes high x 4 boxes deep)
24 - Each rack store 20 boxes
(5 boxes high x 4 boxes deep)
16 - Each rack stores 12 boxes
(3 boxes high x 4 boxes deep)
24 - Each rack stores 16 boxes
(4 boxes high x 4 boxes deep)
POWER REQUIREMENTS208-230V / 60 Hz / 1 phase / NEMA 6-15R / 15 amp breaker
ENERGY CONSUMPTION17.48 kWh/day at 23°C ambient19.85 kWh/day at 23°C ambient
NET WEIGHT705 lbs (320 kg)804 lbs (365 kg)
ALARMSHigh temperature alarm, Low temperature alarm, Power failure alarm, Filter check, Battery check, Fan motor check
SHELVESStainless steel, 3 shelves (adjustable)
W 23.9" x D 21.0"
(W 608 mm x D 535 mm)
Load: 110 lbs /shelf
Stainless steel, 3 shelves (adjustable)
W 33.4" x D 20.9"
(W 848 mm x D 533 mm)
Load: 110 lbs /shelf
ACCESS PORT 0.6" (17mm) diameter, 2 locations (back, bottom left corner)
COMPRESSOR SYSTEMHermetic type, Output; 1100W (high stage side), 1100W (low stage side)
Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/PAN-MDFU5586SCPA(RC)_t.* does not exist
86C Upright Freezer 487L (17.1 cu.ft) with Voltage Booster and Chart Recorder // Congelateur vertical VIP -86C 487L (17,1 pi3) avec systeme de survoltage 220V/15A et enregistreur de donneesLogin to see pricing
Upright Standard -86C Freezer, 668L/23.5 Cuft with Recorder // Congelateur Vertical -86C 668L/23.5 Pi.Cu 208-220V, 60Hz,015A, avec enregistreur, UniteLogin to see pricing