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Milestone TissueSAFE Plus Biospecimen Vacuum System

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified formaldehyde as a class 1 carcinogen. This classification is encouraging health authorities, surgical staff, pathologists and histotechnicians to look for ways to eliminate the substance from work environments. Critical exposure points for facility personnel are in the operating suites and in the transfer of tissues in formalin to the pathology lab.

Elimination or control of formalin exposure/volume from surgery through lab.

TissueSAFE Plus is an innovative patented vacuum system which ELIMINATES formalin in the operating theatre and allows a controlled formalin-free transfer of biospecimens to the laboratory. Immediately after excision, specimens are transferred to an adjacent room where the TissueSAFE Plus is installed. Tissue is placed into sterilized specimen bags and sealed under vacuum. "Fresh" specimens arrives and fixation procedures can now start under controlled conditions in the laboratory.

  • No formalin fumes
  • Specimens are held in "as fresh" conditions
  • No spilling
  • Original specimen colors are preserved
  • Drying of tissues is eliminated


Step 1

Tissue is placed into sterilized specimen bags and sealed under vacuum. Activate the data logger to monitor time and temperature.

Step 2

Place data logger in the transfer cart at 2-4°C.

Step 3

Place bag with specimen in the chamber and close cover. Specimens are placed in single use special vacuum bags and vacuum sealed. Use the pre-printed note field or sealable document pouch to include patient data.

Step 4

A label is printed with name of hospital ID code of the specimen, date, time and all relevant information. The label is glued to the sealed bag.

Electrical: single phase, 115V~ 50/60Hz

Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
TissueSAFE Vacuum Bag 140u Extra Large Ext: 340x550mm Int: 320x500mm, 200/CS // TissueSAFE Sac pour mise sous vide 140u TRÉS GRAND Ext: 340x550mm Int: 320x500mm, 200/CSELogin to see pricing
TissueSAFE Vacuum Bag 140u Small Ext: 250x300mm Int: 230x125mm, 200/CS // TissueSAFE Sac pour mise sous vide 140u PETIT Ext: 250x300mm Int: 230x125mm, 200/CSELogin to see pricing
TissueSAFE Vacuum Bag 140u Large Ext: 340x550mm Int: 320x320mm, 200/CA // TissueSAFE Sac pour mise sous vide 140u GRAND Ext: 340x550mm Int: 320x320mm, 200/CSELogin to see pricing
TissueSAFE Vacuum Bag 140u Medium Ext: 340x385mm Int: 320x150mm, 200/CS // TissueSAFE Sac pour mise sous vide 140u Moyen Ext: 340x385mm Int: 320x150mm, 200/CSELogin to see pricing
TissueSAFE Plus 115Volt-60Hz // TissueSAFE Plus 115 volts-60 HzLogin to see pricing