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PrestoCHILL Benchtop Cryoembedding System

The science of cryoembedding for high-quality frozen sections

  • No freezing artifacts
  • 60 seconds freezing time
  • An all-dry system
  • Full downloadable documentation
  • NO liquid nitrogen
  • NO CO2
  • NO isopentane

The optimal frozen section begins with an evenly and completely frozen tissue block in which the block face to be sectioned is flat and includes a complete, full faced section of the tissue submitted. The section should be free of ice crystal artifacts, knife lines, or tears. The speed and simplicity of operations of the PrestoCHILL revolutionize the rapid freezing process while keeping the "true to life" microscopic appearance of tissues.

Time to redefine frozen sections

  • Reduce freezing time to 60 seconds
  • Eliminate freezing artifacts through ultrafast freezing, preventing formation of ice crystals
  • Cut fatty tissues like breast, lymph nodes without difficulty and without distortion of delicate honeycomb structure
  • Obtain perfectly "flat plane" surfaces for reduced trimming time and for easy cutting while using the patented* "face down" embedding technique
  • Eliminate compression artifacts caused by ultra low temperatures
  • Eliminate retraction of tissues: for example, Glomeruli from Bowman’s capsule, and vacuolation spaces around nucleated brain cells, compared to formaline fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) sections

Cryoembedding of delicate tissues - small fragments/Mohs surgery

In the practice of frozen section pathology, pathologists are often faced with the task of embedding tissues that are extremely delicate because of the nature of the consistence and structure of the tissue. This situation is a daily occurrence in Mohs surgery, where the technologist is faced with delicate slivers of skin with the goal of embedding this tissue precisely and completely visualizing the epidermis and margin.

The PrestoCHILL paper embedding technique offers a safe and rapid solution to these problems.


  • Standardized freezing at -40°C for all types of tissues, even for the most difficult to cut at the cryostat (such as breast, lymph nodes)
  • Rapidly change out molds with a range of different sizes and designs


  • Only 40 minutes from room to the operating temperature of -40°C
  • At the set temperature, 6 biospecimens can be frozen simultaneously in only 60 seconds
  • Reduced trimming time at the cryostat state through specimen planarity in the cryoembedding compound


  • No liquid nitrogen, no CO2, no isopentane
  • No operations inside the cryostat chamber during the freezing step
  • HEPA cap filter


  • The technologically advanced Stirling cooler uses Helium gas as a refrigerant in a sealed stainless steel chamber; No standard compressor is used, therefore no CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons)


  • A USB port enables both software update and event log downloads


  • Its reduced dimensions occupy minimum space in restricted lab environments

INCLUDES30mm Ø x 5mm H moulds (3)
40mm Ø x 5mm H moulds (3)
Heat Extractor (2)
Heat Extractor Slim (4)
Small tip spatula (3)
Large tip spatula (3)
Tweezer SMALL (110mm) (1)
Tweezer LARGE (145mm) (1)
Box of lens paper disks, diameter 22mm (100 pieces) (1)
Tool for mold exchange (1)
Chuck Extractor (1)
Kit Hepa filter
MCC bottle of 125ml (4)
L x D x H
300mm x 540mm x 450mm (730mm with cover open)
11.8 x 21.3 x 17.7 in. (28.7 in. with cover open)
WEIGHT25 kg/56lb
POWER SUPPLY115V~ 60Hz (250W)
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