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Helmer Blood Bank Plasma Freezers

Medical-grade freezers designed for healthcare

Superior temperature uniformity, outstanding reliability, and exceptional benefits bring value every day. Helmer Freezers have superior temperature uniformity and reliability for safe storage of plasma.


  • Heavy-duty, air-cooled refrigeration system with non-CFC R404A refrigerant provides high efficiency and is environmentally friendly.
  • Forced-air circulation maintains chamber uniformity and provides quick recovery after door openings.
  • Auto condensate evaporation.
  • Evaporator fan(s) shut off during door openings to maintain stable temperatures.
  • Programmable electrical defrost. Up to 4 events can be programmed to actual time desired, allowing cycles to run during low use periods.


  • Bacteria-resistant powder coated interior and exterior.
  • Superior engineered frame for maximum rigidity.
  • Sure-Seal self-closing door with magnetic closure.
  • Key lock.
  • Minimum of 2” (51mm) non-CFC foamed urethane insulation
  • Recessed floor contains spills for easy clean-up.
  • Four swivel, locking casters (upright) / Four leveling feet (U/C).
  • Recessed floor contains spills for easy clean up 
  • Hospital grade plug and cord.

i.Series® and Horizon Series™

GX Solutions are available in i.Series® and Horizon Series™ Lines.


The i.Series i.C3 Information Center provides constant temperature monitoring and multiple information logs while offering security features to keep settings safe.

  • System Status Console - monitor status of the unit with one quick glance at the home screen.
  • Information and Event Center - records performance history of unit including event acknowledgement. Includes event status, min/max temps and 7 and 1-day interactive graph views.
  • Guardian Plus Protection - protect settings and limit access with optional integrated electromagnetic access control.
  • Data Transfer Center - export temperature, event and access data via USB port. PDF reports and CSV files available.

Horizon Series™

  • A digital microprocessor temperature controller with a built-in alarm powers the Horizon Series models.
  • Min/Max display and reset are included.
  • Optional integrated electromagnetic access control offers secure access to the refrigerator via the Horizon Access Control Keypad.
i.Series® / Horizon Series™ Monitoring

i.Series®Horizon Series™
Temperature DisplayºC or ºFºC or ºF
Monitor LoggingEvent log records date, time and temperature dataN/A
Compliance DataDownload PDF Reports and CSV files via USB portN/A
SecurityPassword protected settings / Key lockKey lock
Temperature GraphingInteractive temperature graphN/A
Temperature Alarm TestAutomatic high low alarm testing (Peltier-based)Manual alarm test
Alarm Probe(s)Stainless steel in product simulation bottle 2 - 20-56 cu ft, 1- 5-13 cu ft1 - Stainless steel in product simulation bottle
Standard AlarmsHigh and low temperature, Door open, Power failureHigh and low temperature, Door open, Power failure
Additional AlarmsCondenser temperature, Probe failure, Low batteryN/A
Backup PowerRechargeable battery backup - 20 hrsBattery backup - 2 hrs
ConnectivityEthernet/API, USB ports (2)N/A
Dry contact alarm connectionsYesYes
Digital calibrationYesYes
Warranty 7 yr compressor / 2 yr parts / 1 yr labor5 yr compressor / 2 yr parts / 1 yr labor
Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
iUF118 iSeries UTL, 18 cu ft (510 Liters) // Congélateur à température ultra basse iUF118 de la Série i, 18 pi3 (510 litres)Login to see pricing
iUF126 i.Series UTL, 26 cu ft (736 Liters) // Congélateur à température ultra basse iUF126 de la Série i, 26 pi3 (736 litres)Login to see pricing