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Helmer Pass-Thru Blood Bank Refrigerators

Helmer has provided high-quality laboratory equipment and refrigerated products for over 30 years. Our experience and attention to detail allow us to provide a product that offers superior uniformity, outstanding reliability, and exceptional benefits that bring value every day. In addition, our commitment to service and support ensures satisfaction throughout the life of your product. Whether storing blood products, reagents, vaccines, or medication, a Helmer product offers TrueBlue™ protection.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

  • Superior chamber temperature uniformity and quick recovery with heavy-duty, air-cooled refrigeration system
  • Temperature uniformity of ±1°C
  • Operating temperature range from +2°C to +10°C
  • Bacteria-resistant powder coated exterior and interior for added security
  • Sure-Seal self-closing door with magnetic closure eliminates broken door latches
  • No defrost cycle required so constant temperatures are maintained throughout the storage period
  • Adjustable LED lighting provides energy-efficient illumination with auto-on feature and ON/OFF switch
  • Hospital-grade plug enhances electrical safety/serviceability

Secure Monitoring for a Safe Storage Environment

  • i.C3® with 7" (177mm) full-color touchscreen (i.Series®)
  • Microprocessor temperature controller with built-in alarm/ monitor (Horizon Series™)
  • Key lock
  • Password protected settings (i.Series®)
  • Chart recorder
  • Meets AABB, ARC, FDA, EU Blood Directive 2004/33/EC, and Part 4 of the Blood Safety and Quality Regulation 2005 standards for blood storage at 4°C

Designed for Convenience & Performance

  • Single and double door models from 26.5 cu.ft. (750 L) to 58 cu.ft. (1642 L)
  • ADA compliant door handle(s)
  • Position flush with a countertop, cabinet, or other equipment with no additional clearance required
  • Recessed floor and liquid-tight drawers contain spills for easy clean-up and maintain the integrity of other products stored in the refrigerator
  • Rechargeable battery backup (i.C3®)

i.Series® and Horizon Series™

Helmer has two distinct refrigerator lines. The i.Series® offers many unique features not found on other refrigerator models. The i.C3® User Interface anchors this top-of-the-line series. It offers constant temperature monitoring and control, multiple information logs, event acknowledgement and downloading via a 7" (177mm) full-color touchscreen.
The Horizon Series™ offers a temperature controller with a built-in alarm. It features an LED digital temperature display, programmable high and low temperature alarms, manual alarm checks, and a programmable operating range. Both the i.Series® and Horizon Series™ offer high quality construction and attention to detail throughout.

Temperature Control and Monitoring


  • i.C3®, with 7" (177mm) full-color touchscreen monitor described in brochure
  • Two stainless steel monitoring probes in product simulation bottles (single probe in iB111)
  • Temperature display in °C or °F

Horizon Series™

  • Digital microprocessor temperature controller with a built-in alarm/monitor factory set to 4°C
  • Single, stainless steel monitoring probe in product simulation bottle
  • Digital offset adjustment for calibration

i.Series® and Horizon Series™

  • Chart recorder with 4" (102mm), 7-day circular charts
  • Inkless, pressure-sensitive chart paper with a range of -5°C to +20°C
  • Battery backup
  • Touch button controls for chart changes and calibration


  • Adjustable, two-way, solid stainless steel pull out drawers
  • Sure-Grip coordinated drawer handles with built-in ledge for labels (i.Series®)
  • Durable, liquid-tight construction for containment of spills
  • Stainless steel standards guard against rust and corrosion
  • Drawer mid-stop catch ensures proper closure to maximize airflow, maintain temperature uniformity, and protect glass doors from slide throughs
  • Easy access to inventory with fully extendable drawer slides
  • Scratch-Guard edge protectors keep glass door from being scratched by drawers
  • Tube-Guard drawer shields minimize the risk of tube damage in the drawer
i.Series® / Horizon Series™ Monitoring
Horizon Series™
Exclusive i.C3® User InterfaceMicroprocessor-based temperature controller with alarm/monitor
  • 7" (177mm) full-color, door-mounted touchscreen
  • Automatic high/low alarm testing (Peltier based)
  • USB ports (2) for download/upload/upgrade
  • Optional RS232 data port
  • Dry contact alarm connection
  • Password protected settings
  • Dual alarm probes
  • Digital display of upper and lower chamber temperatures
  • Event log displays date, time, and temperature data
  • Compressor log displays compressor temperature performance
  • Interactive temperature graph
  • Digital calibration
  • Rechargeable battery backup
  • Date and time display
  • Alarm mute with adjustable ring-back interval
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • Four alarm tones
  • High and low temperature alarms
  • Door ajar alarm
  • Power failure alarm
  • Condenser temperature alarm
  • RJ45 hub (for special applications)
  • LED digital display, top bezel mounted
  • Manual alarm test
  • Dry contact alarm connection
  • Single alarm probe
  • LED display of chamber temperature
  • Digital calibration
  • Battery backup
  • Alarm mute with 5 minute ring-back interval
  • Alarm silence with key switch
  • High and low temperature alarms
  • Door ajar alarm
  • Power failure alarm

For detailed specifications, please refer to brochure.

Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
iB225 i.Series Blood Bank Refrigerator - Pass-Thru, 26.5 cu ft (750 Liters)//Réfrigérateur Helmer à double accès avant arrière pour Banque de sang 26.5, (750 litres) série i. modèle iB225Login to see pricing
iB456 i.Series Blood Bank Refrigerator - Pass-Thru, 58 cu ft (1642 Liters)//Réfrigérateur Helmer double accès avant arrière pour Banque de sang 58 (1642 litres) série i. modèle iB456Login to see pricing
HB225 Horizon Series Blood Bank Refrigerator - Pass-Thru, 26.5 cu ft (750 Liters)//Réfrigérateur Helmer double accès avant arrière pour Banque de sang 26.5 (750 litres) série Horizon modèle HB225Login to see pricing
HB456 Horizon Series Blood Bank Refrigerator - Pass-Thru, 58 cu ft (1642 Liters)//Réfrigérateur Helmer double accès avant arrière pour Banque de sang 58 (1642 litres) série Horizon modèle HB456Login to see pricing