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Helmer Countertop Laboratory/Pharmacy Refrigerator

Flawlessly designed for small, compact refrigerators, AdvanceCore™ technology uses electrical energy to create the perfect environment for storing temperature sensitive products. Energy efficiency, near silent operation, minimal heat output, and a lack of moving parts make this medical-grade refrigerator dynamically simple and ideal for point of care applications.

  • Medical-grade performance with superior uniformity and recovery ensures the safe storage of valuable products
  • Designed for use at patient point of care with minimal noise, heat, and footprint
  • Superior serviceability and an exceptionally long usable life

Designed to safeguard critical and expensive medications and vaccines with true medical-grade performance, AdvanceCore™ technology is uniquely optimized for small storage cabinets and allows for uniformity of ±1°C to ensure all areas of the cabinet are safe for storage. In addition, the unit will recover to set point quickly after door openings, providing confidence that medications will not be exposed to inappropriate temperature for extended periods of time.

Innovation in Action

Powered by AdvanceCore™ Refrigeration System

The Helmer Scientific MLR102 countertop refrigerator uses AdvanceCore™ technology to efficiently create a uniformly cold internal chamber through the use of solid-state thermoelectric technology.

Medical-grade Performance

  • Reliable temperature uniformity through the use of solid-state heat pumps with forced-air circulation
  • Quick recovery after door openings
  • Heat transferred through non-hazardous, HFC free, natural refrigerants

Near-silent Operation

  • Eliminates noise caused by traditional systems, resulting in low sound (<40db)
  • Install in sensitive patient care and staff work areas without causing distractions due to noise

Energy Efficient

  • Electronic control system optimizes energy efficiency to provide an extremely low energy rating
  • Lower energy use than traditional compact units
  • Lower long-term cost of ownership

Optimized for Small Spaces

  • Requires less clearance than traditional compact
    countertop units
  • Limited heat output into environment
  • Small footprint
Interior Dimensions (w x h x d)14.3" x 18.4" x 12.2" (363mm x 467mm x 309mm)
Exterior Dimensions (w x h x d)20.5" x 23" x 22.1" (520mm x 584mm x 561mm
(height includes leveling feet)
Interior Volume1.8 cu ft / 51 liters
Shelves (w x d)2 Adjustable | 1 Stationary
13.5" x 10.2" (343mm x 259mm)
Electrical115V 60Hz 0.75 FLA
Net Weight75 lb / 34 kg
Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
MLR102 Countertop Laboratory/Pharmacy Refrigerator 1.8 cu.ft. // MLR102 réfrigérateur de comptoir de laboratoire/pharmacie 1.8 to see pricing