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XS Analytical Balances

Reliably and ergonomically handle large numbers of samples - with SmartGrid for fast results and a bright, clear touchscreen to reduce fatigue.

Safeguarding Your Health at Work
XS analytical balances meet challenges faced by routine weighing tasks in laboratories, with uniquely designed features. They can be cleaned in seconds and enable fast routine weighing, whilst safeguarding users' health in the laboratory.

Easy Cleaning
The draft shield easily dismantles in seconds; simply lift the weighing pan and tray underneath, without need for tools, and all parts are dishwasher-safe for easy and efficient cleaning.

Ergonomically Designed for Health
The balance weighing chamber is easily accessible with both hands and, with a repositionable terminal, the workplace is easily tailored to your needs. A large numerical display is available to give maximum comfort and minimum eye strain for repetitive weighing tasks, further reducing user fatigue.

High Perfomance
Fast, stable results: SmartGrid, the new grid weighing pan, speeds up your weighing process. The grid structure allows air turbulence to flow through the pan, reducing settling and stabilization times for faster results.

Less fatigue during repetitive weighing
At 16 mm high, the large digits on the display are bright and clear to read. Eyes don’t get tired and concentration remains focused on the weighing task.

High Productivity
The attachable ErgoClips™ allow direct weighing of the sample, avoiding sample transfer errors. Significant cost savings result, especially if working with valuable materials.

User Guided Workflow Management
METTLER TOLEDO’s LabX® software provides flexible SOP user guidance on the balance touchscreen. With automatic data handling, calculations and reports, balances powered by LabX easily fulfill the highest process security and traceability requirements and support your moves towards a paperless lab.

ModelMaximum CapacityReadabilityMinimum Weight
(USP), Typical
mm (DxHxW)
Settling Time
XS104120 g0.1 mg82 mg453 x 322 x 263 1.5 s
XS105120 g0.01 mg16 mg453 x 322 x 263 3 s
XS105DU120 g/41 g0.1 mg;0.01 mg20 mg453 x 322 x 263 1.5 s
XS204220 g0.1 mg82 mg453 x 322 x 263 1.5 s
XS204DR220 g/81 g1 mg;0.1 mg82 mg453 x 322 x 263 1.5 s
XS205DU220 g/81 g0.1 mg;0.01 mg20 mg453 x 322 x 263 1.5 s
XS225DU220 g/120 g0.1 mg;0.01 mg20 mg453 x 322 x 263 1.5 s
XS304320 g0.1 mg82 mg453 x 322 x 263 1.5 s
XS6461 g0.1 mg82 mg453 x 322 x 263 1.5 s
Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
XS205 DualRange Excellence Analytical Balance 220g/81g X .1/.01mg GIS // Balance analytique XS205 DualRange Excellence 220 g/81 g X 0,1/0,01 mg GISLogin to see pricing
XS204 Analytical Balances // Balance analytique XS204Login to see pricing
XS204 DeltaRange Excellence Analytical Balance 220g/81g X 1mg/0.1mg // Balance analytique XS204 DeltaRange Excellence 220 g/81 g X 1 mg/0,1 mgLogin to see pricing
XS105 DualRange Excellence Analytical Balance 120g/41g X 0.1/0.01mg // Balance analytique XS105 DualRange Excellence 120 g/41 g X 0,1 mg/0,01 mgLogin to see pricing
XS104 Analytical Balances // Balance analytique XS104Login to see pricing
XS64 Excellence Analytical Balance 61g Capacity x 0.1mg // Balance analytique XS64 Excellence capacité 61 g x 0,1 mgLogin to see pricing
XS225DU Analytical Balance // Balance analytique XS225DULogin to see pricing
XS105 Analytical Balance // Balance analytique XS105Login to see pricing
XS304 Excellence XS Analytical Balance, 320 g x 0.1mg // Balance analytique XS304 Excellence XS, 320 g x 0,1 mgLogin to see pricing