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XPE Analytical Balances

Reliable Results for Years to Come

The unique weighing cell concept of XPE Analytical balances keeps the weighing cell and electronics in the backside of the balance. Your advantage: better measurement performance due to zero heating influence and easy cleaning. The patented design offers the following key features:

  • SmartGrid technology for the fastest, most clean weighing tasks
  • Internal Temperature Control (ITC) ensures the lowest minimum weight, with no separate or external electronics
  • proFACT Advanced assures accuracy and temperature stability with internal testing compliance

Good Weighing Practice™
The new XSE and XPE analytical balances have been developed in accordance with GWP®. METTLER TOLEDO developed GWP®, Good Weighing Practice™, as a standardized scientific methodology for secure selection, calibration and operation of weighing equipment. GWP® provides the documented evidence for reproducible weighing results in harmony with all current quality standards in laboratory and manufacturing. Users who focus on stable processes, constant product quality, lean manufacturing or regulatory compliance, can use GWP® as the benchmark to select and calibrate their weighing equipment.

Unique performance
StaticDetect™ and static elimination technology coupled with an improved SmartGrid weighing pan give you trustable, highly repeatable results. The innovative StatusLight™ balance ready indicator and easy routine testing with the TestManager™ boost your quality management and ease of compliance.

Easy Compliance
The StatusLight built into the terminal uses color to indicate intuitively the status of the balance: Green means ready, yellow is a warning, and errors are shown with red. The StatusLight clearly communicates if the balance is ready for you to start your weighing task.

Minimized Static Charges
Our unique StaticDetect technology detects electrostatically charged samples or containers. There is a warning if the weighing error exceeds a user-defined limit; antistatic measures can then be employed. For highest process security you can impose a block on release of the weighing result.

Automatic Data Handling
METTLER TOLEDO’s LabX® software provides flexible SOP user guidance on the balance touchscreen. With automatic data handling, calculations and reports, balances powered by LabX easily fulfill the highest process security and traceability requirements and support your moves towards a paperless lab.

Reliable Results
Excellence XPE Analytical Balances combine patented METTLER TOLEDO weighing technologies with decades of weighing expertise to ensure you get the best weighing results available on the market — quickly and reliably!

Touchless Operation
Excellence Analytical Balances have been ergonomically designed to make your life as easy as possible. SmartSens™ sensors allow you to operate your balance with the wave of a hand, making weighing tasks easier and avoiding cross-contamination issues.

Easy Cleaning
With the unique SmartGrid and the draft shield that disassembles in seconds, you can always be sure that your weighing area is clean and safe.

Fully Upgradable
Automated dosing with Quantos powder and liquid dispensing modules enables you to achieve the highest level of accuracy and safety in sample preparation and can reduce minimum weight by up to 30%.

ModelMaximum CapacityReadabilityMinimum Weight
(USP), Typical
(Test Weight)
Linearity ±
XPE105120 g0.01 mg14 mg0.015 mg (5 g)0.1 mg
XPE105DR120 g/41 g0.1 mg;0.01 mg14 mg0.015 mg (5 g)0.1 mg
XPE204220 g0.1 mg82 mg0.05 mg (10 g)0.2 mg
XPE205220 g0.01 mg14 mg0.015 mg (10 g)0.1 mg
XPE205DR220 g/81 g0.1 mg;0.01 mg14 mg0.015 mg (10 g)0.15 mg
XPE206DR220 g/81 g0.01 mg;0.005 mg10 mg0.01 mg (10 g)0.1 mg
XPE304320 g0.1 mg82 mg0.08 mg (20 g)0.4 mg
XPE504520 g0.1 mg82 mg0.08 mg (20 g)0.4 mg
XPE504DR520 g/120 g1 mg;0.1 mg82 mg0.1 mg (20 g)0.5 mg
Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
Balance Xpe105 // Balance Xpe105Login to see pricing
Analytic Balance XPE204 // Balance analytique XPE204Login to see pricing
Balance Xpe205 // Balance Xpe205Login to see pricing
Balance Xpe205Dr // Balance Xpe205DrLogin to see pricing
Balance Xpe504 // Balance Xpe504Login to see pricing
XSE105DR Analytical Balance // Balance analytique XSE105DRLogin to see pricing
Mettler Toledo XPE304 ExcellencePlus XPE Analytical Balance, 320 g x 0.1mg // Balance analytique XPE304 ExcellencePlus XPE de Mettler Toledo, 320 g x 0,1mgLogin to see pricing
XPE504DR Analytical Balance 520g/120g / 1mg/0.1mg // Balance analytique XPE504DR 520g/120g / 1mg/0.1mgLogin to see pricing